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Poll: Would you like to see IMdB rating data?
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Add IMdB Rating & Movie Poster Backgrounds
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Add IMdB Rating & Movie Poster Backgrounds
I'd like to start by saying, great app!

I went through many other movie apps for windows and this was by far the best. I would, however like to see a few features I saw on other apps applied.

1) I would like to have a movie's IMdB rating displayed in the movie data. Ideally, replacing the current star rating. I think many would agree it is the most accurate web movie rating site. Perhaps even a plugin, linking the app to IMdB giving you a link from the current list of a movie's cast and crew directly to the website. I'm sure there could be licensing issues here, but at least some ratings data would be greatly appreciated.

2) Some items are missing trailers. I noticed most trailers are pulling from YouTube. Is there any thought to have these pulled from another source? Again, IMdB would also be a great resource for this.

3) This app allows you to choose a local image for its background. Many other apps scroll through the posters or backdrops of movies instead. I found this to be visually pleasing and more relevant to the app.

Thank you for your time.
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