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New category - klode784 - 11-28-2013

Hi, I would like to suggest another cateory in addition of the movies and TV Series. I would like the possibility to add Recorded TV to Movie Premier.

I would also like to point a translation needed to be changed, looking at your advertising for the upcoming version. I will explain why later on. Is "Émissions de télévision" the translation for TV Series? A better translation and less confusing would be "Séries TV".

Then the Recorded TV will translate into "TV Enregistrée". There is a folder already called "TV Enregistrée" in Windows 8.



RE: New category - ShuGrDaddy - 12-02-2013

The next release will allow you to specify as many categories as you would like in addition to the system provided ones.

Thank you

RE: New category - yiantheg - 03-23-2016

This is a much needed feature and it was promised to be implemented in December 2013. Now it is year 2016 yet this feature is still not there. Or am I missing something? I searched everywhere but I don't see how to add new custom category anywhere in the settings or the menus.

RE: New category - ShuGrDaddy - 03-23-2016

This was implemented a long time ago. When you click on the category button in the bottom app bar you will see a Add New option of you have the proper license.

Thank you

RE: New category - yiantheg - 03-23-2016

Sorry but I'm still confused. I don't see an Add New option any where. I have purchase the pro plus version of the app and a whole bunch of features became available, including editing the backdrop and other details of the videos and also custom play list, but never do I see Add New anywhere. The media types available to me are Movies, TV Shows, and Box Sets. I could not create any other media type... Is there something wrong with my app?

RE: New category - yiantheg - 03-23-2016

There is no category button anywhere. Nothing in the app says "category." I'm using Windows 8.1, if that makes any difference.

RE: New category - ShuGrDaddy - 03-23-2016

It is in the same menu as when you put something into a category. Right click on an item to select it and the category icon will appear in the bottom app bar. Then click it. In the pop up menu there will be an option to add new.

RE: New category - yiantheg - 03-23-2016

When I select an item, the bottom bar appears, with these options: Play, About, Change Type, Group Videos (greyed out if you select only one item,) Clear Selection, Delete, Add To..., Group By, Filter By, Get Details.

There is no Category option anywhere.

RE: New category - yiantheg - 03-24-2016

Hello, don't mean to bump the thread like this, but I don't have anywhere else to ask help. Are you looking into a possible solution, or a possible cause of the problem? Please let me know when there is an update on this, thanks.

RE: New category - ShuGrDaddy - 03-24-2016

Use the add to option.