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Local Copy - bradleys - 08-02-2013

Another idea...

I use this app on my tablet and my media library is on a Media Server on my home network. It would be nice to be able to save a movie onto my Surface tablet for use away from my home network.

I know I can do the move manually using windows explorer and a fresh sync -but it would be a cool feature.

Downloaded and purchased the pro version today - currently my favorite windows app!

RE: Local Copy - ShuGrDaddy - 08-06-2013

Thank you for supporting our development.

There is no technical reason we couldn't move the files for you and store them in some local Library directory. What would you expect the behavior to be when you got back on the network? Would you want to see 2 versions of the movie in your list (one local and one network) with the option to remove the local copy? Or would you want it to automatically remove the local copy?

Thank you

RE: Local Copy - bradleys - 08-06-2013

It is really just a "nice to have" option. I configured your app to reference the SD Card on my tablet as part of the library.

Today - If I am away from my home network and I launch your app it shows the movies that I manually moved to the SD Card. When I am at home I see the entire library. I think you already filter for duplicates in your view.

I suppose I do not know how the majority of your users are setup. If like me they keep the majority of movies on some type of a network drive, then the option to filter by local vs network libraries would be great. If I were getting ready to take the kids on a trip - select two or three movies and move them to the local share and everything is ready to use.

Just an idea - I can do it in file manager as well.

I love the app.