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Localization and Translations - ShuGrDaddy - 04-24-2013

We have received several requests for localized and translated versions of Movie Premier. We are working on our plans to include this functionality in the app; however, we will require assistance with the translations.

If you are willing to provide assistance in translating phrases used within Movie Premier, please let us know what language you can provide support for. I would expect there to be around 100 or so phrases that will need to be translated from English.

Thank you

RE: Localization and Translations - klode784 - 11-28-2013

Hi, I have a question about translation. Will translation cover only the software or it will include the movie database also?

Also, I would like to help with french translation if any need. Let me know...



RE: Localization and Translations - ShuGrDaddy - 12-02-2013

Thank you Claude,

We will send you an email as we get closer to finalizing the the content for help with the translation to french. The next release will allow you to specify a download language preference, so if the content exists in that language, that is what will be downloaded. If it does not, then it will still be English.

Thank you