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Full Version: Caching of coverart
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I love this program, but for me there would be one additional feature that would be great. I use this as a movie wall for my tablet with a HDD that is disconnected most of the time. When I try to open the program without the HDD, the program simply will not open. I just get the splash screen and the spinning circle of death. If I create a dummy drive, it will open but without cover art. Would it be possible to have this program Cache that information so that it would be useful even when not connected to the HDD?
We are looking at this in the next release. When disconnected it should still load the app without an issue.

Can you tell me about your setup a bit. Is the hdd registered in your windows video library or added as a manual drive to include via the collection options?

Thank you
This drive is just a manually added drive
The external drive issue sounds the same as the one posted in the Support forum. We have tested this against the latest update and do not have any issues. Once you have applied the update, let me know if you still have problems.

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I have the latest Version out of the app store and still have the same issues.
Microsoft has not released the update to the store yet. Keep checking and I will post an update when it goes live.

Thank you
The update is now live in the Windows store.

Thank you
The program opens but the cover art is not shown
OK - I just want to make sure I understand what the situation is.

When you say the app opens - you mean your HD is NOT connected. Correct?

So the issue is fixed where the app would not open when your HD was disconnected?

But all you are seeing is the MISSING icon rather than the cover art for items which were on the disconnected HD? Correct?

If so - this is because we have not implemented the cover art cacheing yet. That is in a future release.

Thank you
That is exactly right. The app opens without the HDD but I do not get cover art in that situation. I am looking forward to implementation of the caching feature. The app will be just about perfect for me at that point.