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Full Version: Editing Cast&Crew, Extra, movie stills?
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Hello, I would like to make a suggestion: Is it possible at all to add your own custom entries to the cast and crew page? Sometimes there are videos that's not part of themoviedb page. It would be nice if we are able to edit cast and crew pages ourselves, plus other details, such as release year, studio's name, and so on.

Also, I think it would be a good idea if we can have a still gallery, maybe as part of the extra. This would be useful if we have access to extra material. For example, the lord of the rings box set comes with some very nice concept art and stuff, and it would be nice if it can be accessed through the extra menu.
Um, while researching something else unrelated to this, I might have stumbled upon a solution. I just realized that your program actually reads .nfo files from Kodi, so I think all I have to do is add a custom .nfo file in my folder and that will solve all my problems. So, thanks for including this extremely useful feature!