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Forum Announcement: Forum Rules and Regulations

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Forum Rules and Regulations
We strive to maintain the community forums as a credible resources for all users with a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. This guide explains how we work to accomplish this goal by explaining the rules and regulations of the ShuGr Media Forums.

  • Moderation: The ShuGr Media forums are moderated by ShuGr Media team members and selected ShuGr Media users.
  • Posts: Posts must be constructive and on topic. Moderators may delete posts that do not meet the Acceptable Use Policy . Moderators reserve the right to remove any topics deemed inappropriate or disruptive to the community.
  • Etiquette: Moderators are not instructed to censor opinions or ideas but will take action against posts and/or topics that cause unrest beyond civil and polite disagreements. Members may not post personal attacks towards each other or ShuGr Media team members.
  • Official Support: ShuGr Media team members actively monitor the forums for support requests. Please do not send a private message for support unless specifically directed to do so. ShuGr Media team members take pride in providing robust and proven software solutions to our users and will work diligently to resolve any issues.
  • Commercial Posts: Members may not advertise or promote individuals or companies in such a manner to distract attention from the core topic of a post.
  • Issues: If you have an issue concerning ShuGr Media services, policies, moderators or team, please email All moderators, administrators and support staff are easily identified through their activity on the forums.

Acceptable Use Policy

This forum is made publicly available for the community in order to provide a valuable resource for ShuGr Media users and digital entertainment enthusiasts. In order to maintain the value and integrity of this forum, we require all forum members to abide by the following rules:
  • Profanity and discriminatory remarks are not tolerated.
  • Inflammatory remarks, intended to hurt or offend a member and/or moderator, are not tolerated.
  • Spamming will result in a user ban.
  • Pornography, warez and illegal content may not be linked from this forum.
  • Signatures must be limited to two lines. Failing to comply with these guidelines will result in the removal of the signature.
  • Postings must be placed in the appropriate forum channel and contain a descriptive subject line. Postings placed in inappropriate forum channels will be considered off-topic and either moved or deleted. Non-descriptive titles and descriptions will be renamed.
  • If you are linking to external content, you should link directly to that content. It is unacceptable to use link-thru systems to mask the originating URL.
  • Cross-posting (posting the same content in multiple channels) is not tolerated. All duplicate posts will be deleted.
  • Sensitive topics such as account information and security issues are not to be discussed in the forum. Topics that could compromise sensitive information or serve to potentially harm ShuGr Media or ShuGr Media users will be deleted.
  • If a thread is deleted by a moderator and the offending user attempts to re-post a similar thread, it is possible that the user will lose “member” privileges.
  • User profiles, including signatures with inappropriate content, will be modified without notification.
  • Abusive behavior of any kind will not be tolerated and may result in the ban of the involved accounts. If you have experienced abusive behavior from a community member, please inform a Forum Moderator.
  • If you feel a forum moderator is abusing forum rules or behaving unethically, please contact ShuGr Media at

Posting Guidelines and Requesting Assistance

We encourage everyone to use the Search capabilities of the forum before posting a new topic. In order to provide the ShuGr Media team members and users with the necessary information to provide support, please include the following information in your posts.
  • Host operating system and support pack (Windows 8 SP1)
  • Host operating system version (X86, X64, 32-bit, 64-bit)
  • ShuGr Media product name and version
  • Any error message(s) text
  • Brief description of exact order of activities leading up to the issue (mouse clicks, text entry, etc)
  • Listing of any firewall or security software running (Symantec, Zone Alarm, etc)


The site and forum moderators reserve the right to modify or delete any inappropriate content on the forums without prior notification.

Thank you for your attention to these regulations and guidelines and for your interest in the ShuGr Media product suite.
- The ShuGr Media Team

01-01-2013, 10:01 PM
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